Two dates after…

I have just realised that I left all my imaginary readers hanging 🙂

A few months ago I told you about the date I went to and I stated that the second date is already arranged. Well, time passed and I totally forgot about my little ‘romance’. It is funny because when I think what went wrong I find it difficult to describe what it is exactly. So, let’s do it in the old fashion and probably a little bit cruel LIST style :

1.NO CONFIDENCE (IMPORTANT, VERY IMPORTANT! If you do not like and can’t even pretend to like yourself how can someone else like you? )

2. BODY LANGUAGE ( If you want to kiss me just do it! I will not be the first to do it. And if you blow the chance twice…No more dates?)

3. Being sorry for being interesting ( Yes, he had a few cocktails and he got tipsy. More tipsy than me haha But we started talking about religion and I love a meaningful discussion. The problem is sending me a long text message with an apology afterwards. What for again?)

3. JUST BEING TOO DIFFERENT ( Conversation is flowing… but I am much more relaxed and silly than he is. Our aura, or whatever it is called, just did not click.)

4. PHYSICAL ATTRACTION (Lesson learnt ! Don’t ever say to me it is not important….Probably this is the main factor that killed it for me, and maybe for him too.)

In the end of the day, I better live my happy, single life than settle down for ‘meh’.



About callmelu

Young and free life lover with a passion for everything what looks,smells or sounds good ! You can call me LU :)
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