Going for the ride with a perfect crowd (not)

Happy Father’s day! My family is too far away to celebrate it but I wanted to notify it on my blog.

Today was not about appreciating my dad or my family. It was about seeing a friend and understanding that someone you maybe do not know for too long can became close to you. It was about saying thank you and exploring new places, getting lost together and driving back home. I believe that friend becomes a true friend when a special moment finally happens. This drive around the city today helped two people remember what brought them together. A special moment usually happens when you do something or say something. In this case, it was about words. To be honest, it is usually words that make me get to know someone. That moment when you share a secret or express emotions, when you do not talk anymore but when you say something meaningful. It is like standing naked in front of someone and waiting for them not to judge you but understand and support you. Little smile or a nod and you hope it will always stay the same.

Most of the time you grow apart and the moment passes by. Different moment with a different person happens and you are ‘starting’ a new friendship. But with some people it always stays the same and you naturally know when the person nods and when he smiles at you, you are not afraid, you know you will not be judged. This is what a true friend and a true friendship is. No boundaries, timeless.



About callmelu

Young and free life lover with a passion for everything what looks,smells or sounds good ! You can call me LU :)
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