A ‘date’ ???

I deleted a lot of my old posts and decided to start over.I left the introduction so I can just share my thoughts without any typical bullshit I like to present to the public.

To start with,I went on a date today…And then I started thinking what do we call a ‘date’ ? In the oxford dictionary its definition is : ‘a social or romantic appointment or engagement’. I did not kiss him and he did not kiss me…Seemed to weird even though the conversation went well.So why is it a date? Should not we call this a social appointment (which according to Oxford people is still a DATE) or a friendly meeting?

The place of the ‘appointment’ : A cozy coffee-shop with a cup of cappuccino and an arty crowd around.

The time of the ‘appointment’ : 2 hours

The main topic of the ‘appointment’ : ‘Let’s impress her’

The looks (don’t say it’s not important) : A good style and a red nose..It was cold though!

The impression : He is too talented and too good for me

Soo do I like him? I do and I don’t

Will there be a second date? Already arranged

The question of TODAY is : What do we call a date or what do we call a successful date?


About callmelu

Young and free life lover with a passion for everything what looks,smells or sounds good ! You can call me LU :)
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